Extreme Line

Sun protection to trust, even in extreme outdoor and sports environments.

Extreme line Specifications and benefits:


  • Highest UV protection
  • Sweat proof, dust proof
  • Most functional sunscreen
  • Developed for army expeditions
  • Provides cool, fresh, clean feeling


Maximum protection

Factor SPF 96 is clinically tested under extreme conditions to provide highest protection against sunburn in the toughest outdoor conditions.

Economic, fast spread & absorbed

Most functional sunscreen,
Developed for army expeditions


  • Safe Sea Extreme line developed under army-expedition specifications.
  • Safe Sea Composition sun protection offers economical use for total sun protection, quick coverage and absorption on large areas of skin


Fresh, clean and cool protection

Fresh cool & clean
Dustproof & waterproof!


  • Safe Sea Extreme gel is oil free and water free. The acryl-/alcohol-based sunscreen provides a cleaning, cooling and moisturizing affect during application. The skin is coated with a thin layer of sun protection that is waterproof and dustproof.