Kids Line

Kids line Specifications and benefits


  • High SPF
  • High % of physical filters
  • For sensitive skin
  • Contains vitamins
  • Safety at sea
  • Compatible formula for kids skin


Advance physical sun protection

Organic Sunscreen
filters penetrate
kids body generating
safety issue

Physical filters do not
penetrate the skin
representing a safe
method for reflecting light

Safe Sea Kids 50
sun protection
is based on high % of
safe physical filters

Advance Safety at sea


  • Safe Sea protects kids from jellyfish stings in the water and is clinically approved by Sanford Hospital.
  • Safe Sea sunscreen, world-first protection at the beach and in the water.


Compatible with kids skin

Safe Sea: Water in Oil formula composition is based on “Bubbles of water and minerals encapsulated with oil”


  • Similar to cellular structure and is highly compatible with skin.
  • Provides high protection from environmental chemical influences
  • Maintains skin hydration by providing continuous moisturizing effect .
  • Provides high water resistance and long-lasting protection against the sun.